VPN Advantages

Virtual private network or VPN whatever you call it is one and the same thing. It is a solution which establishes secured network connection. These are normally deployed by organisations instead of individuals as it requires a lot of labour and capital to establish and maintain its functioning. An organisation looking for a secured network […] Read more »

VPN Protocols

Virtual private network technology runs on the idea of tunnelling. It establishes and maintains a logical network connection. The data from the system is converted and compiled into packets using a certain VPN protocol format. These packets are then encapsulated within some carrier protocol or base which is then transmitted flanked by VPN client and […] Read more »

Why use a VPN service

VPN stands for virtual private network, which protects your data and legitimate identity over public networks. This is done on internet and wireless space in the virtual world, where there are millions of users accessing the same network online. Protocols are used to build an encrypted tunnel in the network to transport data securely across […] Read more »