How to use a VPN on Windows 10

There are several reasons to use a VPN on Windows, including enhancing security, hiding an IP address, downloading torrents securely, unblocking geo-restricted websites and saving money on flights.  Installing a VPN does not require advanced technical knowledge and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Keep reading to learn why you need a […]

Why use a VPN service

Security and online privacy is an often discussed topic in the Internet world. And, many Internet users ask themselves why use a VPN service. VPN stands for a virtual private network, which protects your data and legitimate identity over public networks. This is done on the Internet and wireless space in the virtual world, where […]

The major advantages of using a business VPN

A virtual private network or VPN, whatever you call it, is one and the same thing. It is a solution that establishes secured network connections using VPN protocols. These are normally deployed by organizations instead of individuals as it requires a lot of labor and capital to establish and maintain their functioning. An organization looking […]

List of major VPN protocols

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology runs on the idea of tunneling. It establishes and maintains a logical network connection. The data from the system is converted and compiled into packets using a certain VPN protocol format. These packets are then encapsulated within some carrier protocol or base which is then transmitted flanked by VPN […]