What is a VPN service? Major purposes of VPN

What is a VPN service - Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network or VPN can be considered as a form of wide-area network keeping in mind its feature of network connectivity over a long physical distance. VPN facilitates file sharing, video conferencing along with similar network services to its users. The edge of VPN doesn’t lie in the facilities it provides to its users but in the manner, it provides all of that.

A VPN is cheaper and way too efficient than any other similar network services available in the market. VPN can work over in both private as well as public networks. It uses a method called tunneling for using the same hardware infrastructure as the existing intranet links.

Major purposes of a VPN

There are various security mechanisms in VPN to protect the VP connections under its influence. VPN is mostly used for three major purposes like controlled access within the private network, LAN to LAN internetworking and connection to clients located at remote locations via the internet.

There are some popular VPN protocols that can be used for easy VPN facilitation in an organization. Establishing VPN networks in the organization reduces the maintenance cost of the organization. Due to which it has gained immense popularity over all other alternatives.

VPN disadvantages

Besides various advantages VPN also possesses some disadvantages, like:

  • VPN installation requires a detailed understanding of network security issues by the installer. Unless it will not get properly configured this will further lead to insufficient protection on the private network involved. The objective of installing a VPN would never be met then.
  • The organization doesn’t have direct control over the performance and reliability or the internet-based VPN as the solution is completely dependent upon the ISP and their service quality.
  • Traditionally VPN technology standards were referred to as the medium to differentiate the VPN solutions from their alternatives available in the market. But now you can see many alternatives to VPN providing the same services. The only difference now is regarding the efficiency of the services provided by VPN. VPNs are efficient and cost-effective than other private networks like the internet etc.

The effects of the above said limitations can be minimized into an ignorable level only if the installation of the VPN is done by the experts and regular check-ups are done in the VPN performance to nip out the minute failures in their initial stage itself.

In such a way VPN will continue working the way it ought to, and would greatly benefit their clients. VPN Network settings, where the implementers try to mix and match different types of equipment may face serious problems. It is because the VPN products and solutions from a vendor differ from the VPN products and solutions from the other one.

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